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The lawyers in the securities group act as strategic advisors and partners for SMBs in their daily securities activities and transactions on the capital market or with private and institutional investors. They also offer the firm’s services to brokerages, group investment agencies and investment corporations for their capital market-related activities.

One of the great strengths of this group is a diversified knowledge of how to offer wise advice to our clients in all facets of public corporation legislation and regulations.

Public offerings, private investments of equity securities and debt instruments, capital-asset restructuring, mergers and acquisitions of public corporations, ongoing compliance with securities acts and regulations as well as continuous disclosure, defensive tactics, acquisition structures and tradable security mechanisms are some of the fields where we advise our clients.

In addition to ensuring support in the various legal aspects of the securities sector, we advise company directors on corporate governance and also participate in the development and realization of rights issue, stock option plans or other pay mechanisms.

In order to meet all of our clients’ needs, we also benefit from the expertise of other groups of practice, particularly the group specialized in taxation, labour and employment law, corporate and commercial law, private financing, litigation and real estate law.

Securities law is a field subject to frequent change. Financial market fluctuations require several amendments to applicable legislation. That is why our lawyers in the securities group follow legal developments in this sector very closely. They are always concerned with developing their knowledge and participate regularly in conferences related to their field of practice, whether as speaker or for professional development purposes.

To satisfy all of our clients’ needs, we have the additional asset of the expertise of our other practice groups, such as the taxation group, the Labour and Employment Law group, the Corporate and Commercial Law group, and the private financing, litigation and Real Estate Law groups.

Securities law is a field that is ever-changing.  Financial market changes necessitate numerous amendments to the applicable laws.  This is why the lawyers in our securities group keep a close watch on legal developments in this sector.  Always conscious of perfecting their knowledge, they regularly attend conferences in their area of specialty, either as a conference speaker or for purposes of ongoing professional development.