Tax Law

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  • Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information
  • Consumption Taxes
  • Financial Institutions and Financial Services
  • Income Tax
  • Municipal Taxation and Municipal Assessment

The tax law team offers a complete range of tax planning and litigation services. Our lawyers have solid expertise to meet the current operational needs of any individual, business, trustee, non-profit organization or registered charity in specific transactions or current operations.

Our lawyers will propose optimal business planning solutions for your tax issues taking into account your changing commercial reality as well as your constraints. They will use their knowledge to help you benefit from applicable tax rules in a business acquisition or sale, succession, financing, reorganization, restructuring or liquidation, or implementing an employee profit-sharing plan or deferred income mechanisms for managers and employees. Our lawyers will also be pleased to advise you in personal planning on extended benefits related to the use of an advantageous rollover structure, inter-vivos trust or testamentary trust to optimize your estate planning. Our lawyers will represent your interests in tax disputes before tax authorities involving audits, objections or claims for tax refunds. They will also defend your interests before federal or provincial courts in tax assessment matters. Over the years, our lawyers have developed ongoing, privileged relationships with tax authorities and enjoy an excellent reputation.

Our lawyers are thus able to support and represent you in any proceeding, particularly for requesting legislative or regulatory amendments, obtaining advance tax rulings for proposed operations or obtaining administrative positions and technical interpretations.

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