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The professional and civil liability team is familiar with the reality of the insurance industry and the various personal, property and casualty insurance products on the market.

For the past several years, it has been advising an insurance fund clientele for several associations of insurers, financial institutions and other professionals in disputes requiring the application of judiciary remedies or the development of a preventive strategy to avoid litigation.

We advise our clients in fields as varied as professional liability (particularly in the health and construction fields), corporate officer’s and director’s liability, product liability, civil, commercial and farm liability, latent defects action, life insurance and disability insurance matters, analysis, drafting and review of insurance policies and riders, and opinions on coverage and disciplinary proceedings, to name but a few. We also work in complex disputes involving several parties and expert witnesses and set up multidisciplinary teams tailored to the needs of the cases as required. We are also regularly involved in class action suits.

Our team continually seeks to develop and implement an effective, economical approach to representing and advising these clients on all aspects of potential legal disputes or contentious matters based on their clients’ objectives. With their extensive experience in matters related to almost all areas of economic activity, our litigants ensure that their clients are represented in all judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative proceedings.

Although we are litigants to the core, we are aware of the reality of the insurance industry and our evolving legal world. The lawyers on our team are especially aware of the importance of controlling costs and demonstrating creativity and flexibility in the search for practical solutions tailored to the issues raised by a matter.

The significant involvement of lawyers in the Barreau du Québec and its various committees (complaint review committee, discipline committee, Court of Appeal committee, member services committee, instruction at the École du Barreau) confirms their good reputation and the credibility acquired with members of the profession over the years. We are also striving to become involved in the insurance sector of activity and gain a better grasp of the reality of the industry in either the Association des femmes d’Assurance de Québec or the Société des experts en sinistres or by offering training to our clients. Updating and transferring knowledge to our clients is a priority. To this end, several of our lawyers are accredited CHAD (Chambre de l’assurance de dommages ) trainers.

We offer regular client training sessions on an as-needed basis and often act as instructors at the Institut d’assurance dommages, Insight  or the Insurance Institute of Canada . Some of us regularly teach liability and procedure at Université Laval or ethics, disciplinary law, liability, evidence, insurance, procedure and security interest at the Barreau du Québec, in addition to participating in the professional development activities of the Barreau.

Finally, aware of the Canadian reality in which our client works, our firm is proud to belong to the Risk Management Counsel of Canada,, a national association of independent law firms whose professional activities consist of offering a range of services to the insurance industry as well as certain specific risk groups. This network allows us to share with insurance professionals across Canada and be at the cutting edge of developments in the insurance world.