Administrative and Municipal Law

Legal services
  • Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information
  • Arbitration and Other Methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Liability
  • Expropriation
  • Extraordinary Remedies
  • Governmental and Paragovernmental Affairs
  • Injunctions
  • Municipal and Education Law
  • Municipal Taxation and Municipal Assessment
  • Urban Planning
  • Zoning

Our lawyers are frequently called upon to intervene, support, advise and represent their clients in their relations with governments, various regulatory bodies, commissions and boards. Similarly, the services of our professionals are retained by various government bodies, particularly in the implementation of their legislative and regulatory frameworks. We have namely developed a specialization in financial services.

In addition, our litigants are regularly called upon to act before civil courts both in first instance trial division and appellate levels, in judicial review proceedings, nullity action or other extraordinary remedies. This expertise in administrative law is present in various fields of law, particularly labour law, litigation, tax assessment, insurance law, expropriation and business law. Our members have built up solid experience in these matters over several years by assisting and representing municipalities, school boards, municipal elected officials and school trustees as well as proponents and individuals in their relations with municipal and school authorities.

We also work in various, varied fields such as urban development and planning, zoning, subdivision, issuance of licences and permits, municipal and school taxation, municipal and school elections, municipal contracts and municipal liability. Our counsel are frequently retained to apply for municipal tax exemptions or dispute the assessments of certain buildings or, sometimes, have certain exemptions or special tax regimes acknowledged towards them.