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Aurore Lhoste


Professional career

Ms. Aurore Lhoste joined the firm in May 2018 as a paralegal in the litigation sector.

She helped lawyers prepare their proceedings, in particular subrogatory actions, and prepare evidence documents. In August 2019, she transferred to the immigration sector and now participates in the preparation of temporary and permanent immigration applications.

Before joining the firm, Ms. Lhoste held various administrative and customer service positions, both in France and in Quebec, with a variety of participants of the insurance sector (claims services firms, insurance companies and automobile assistance companies).


UNESCO Chair for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (Winter Session 2016)

Research mandate entrusted by the UNESCO Office for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and under the direction of Mrs. Véronique Guévremont, professor at Université Laval, Quebec.

Co-writing, a report on “The application of preferential treatment, according to Article 16 of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, in the cultural cooperation agreements between Northern and Southern countries.

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